Creating an automation

This version of automation is available on all accounts created before Jan 1st 2022. Accounts created after that date use our advanced automation Beta feature. If you'd like to sign up for our Beta program, click here.

To create a new automation, go to Automations and click Create. 

This will bring you to the screen where you can start setting up your automation. Click Untitled to name your automation, and choose the associated contact list.

Once you click Save & Next, you will be prompted to select whether your automation should be sent to imported contacts.

Once you click "Save & close",  you can start creating your automation by adding emails and waiting steps. We recommend creating your emails as templates first, so that you can reuse them in other automations. Alternatively, you can also copy each element and paste it somewhere else. To finish the setup process, click on the Settings icon, and choose the options you need – then click Save & close.  

You can send automated campaigns to lists, not segments. If you want to send automations to segments, click  here .

Once you finish the setup and creation of your workflow, you will need to enable it by clicking on the Start button. 

To edit the workflow when it's already running, you will need to click on the Pause button. Once you make the changes, please make sure to enable it again by clicking the Start button. 

Please keep in mind when you pause an active automation, no campaigns will be sent to the list connected to that automation. New contacts will still be added to the list connected to the paused automation. Once you enable the automation again, the contacts added while the automation was paused will start going through its steps. 

When using our Starter plan, you can create up to three automations. If you need more – upgrade to the Pro plan.

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