Integrating with Upscribe - Collect subscribers on Medium blog posts

Upscribe is a service to create embeddable sign-up forms for Medium. This means that now EmailOctopus users can collect sign ups on their own Medium articles.

1. Create your Upscribe form

Go to to create your Medium embeddable form here’s how. Before moving from the Integrations page, you'll need to get your API key from your EmailOctopus account.

2. Grab your Octopus API Key

Sign in to your EmailOctopus account, and then go to the API document page. On the API page select Create a key (if you haven’t already) and copy it.

Press the “+” button below the EmailOctopus integration option on the Upscribe end and paste that API key into the input that appears. After that, press the Save API Key button.

3. Choose an EmailOctopus list

From the dropdown, pick the list where you want your signups to end up. Then press Save.

You can now grow your EmailOctopus lists!

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