How to create and delete API keys

In order to create or revoke your EmailOctopus API key, head to our API documentation page where you can complete both actions with the click of a button.

In order to create or delete your EmailOctopus API keys, head to our API documentation page.  


To create an API key, simply click the Create key button at the top of the page:

On the next page, you'll have to provide a name for your API key. Click on the Create button once that's done:

Please keep in mind that API keys can only be displayed once (at creation). You can download your API key as a CSV file by clicking on the Download button: 


To delete the API key, click on the red Delete button on the right side of the selected key:

As of 6th June 2022, we added an option to create multiple API Keys within one user account. You can also name your API keys now. Any pre-existing API keys will be displayed as "Untitled".
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