Invite users to your account

This feature is only available on Pro plans.

You can invite additional users to help out with your email marketing by granting them access to your EmailOctopus account. This means each user will have their own unique login and an access level that you'll choose for them.

You can choose a specific access level for each user you invite. The options you can pick from are:

  • Admin (has full access and can perform all actions in the account)
  • Manager (has full access, but can't add users, export lists, delete account or request changes in billing)
  • Analyst (can only view reports)
  • Accountant (can only view billing receipts and update card details)

To create a new user visit the Users page under Account Settings. On this page, you can invite additional users, revoke access, view your pending invitations and correct access levels, and check if the 2FA has been enabled. The User page also displays the email address for everyone who has access to your EmailOctopus account. 

Only the Admins can add users to the account.

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