Using Zapier to integrate with other web services

Zapier is an automation tool that connects hundreds of online applications and syncs data between them – all without needing to code. The interface allows you to push data from the sources you use most into your EmailOctopus dashboard and vice versa.


With Zapier’s EmailOctopus integration you can choose from a list of actions that allow you to automatically:

  • Add/update contact – add a new subscriber to a list in EmailOctopus or updates the data you have for them
  • Unsubscribe contact – unsubscribe an email address from a list in EmailOctopus
  • Update a contact’s email address – sync recent updates to contact details
  • Find a contact – find an existing contacts in your mailing lists
  • Add tag to contact – add a tag to an existing contact
  • Remove tag from contact – remove a tag from an existing contact

The trigger that sets off these actions in EmailOctopus will vary depending on the app you’re connecting to.  


You can also select one of the available triggers that can be linked with actions in other apps:

  • New contact – triggers when a new contact is created in your EmailOctopus list
  • New or updated contact – triggers when a new contact is created, or an existing contact is updated
  • Contact unsubscribes – triggers when a contact unsubscribes
  • Email opened – triggers when a recipient opens a specific campaign
  • Email clicked – triggers when a recipient clicks on a link in a specific campaign
  • Email bounced – triggers when an email to a recipient bounces from a specific campaign

You can connect EmailOctopus to over 2,000 apps via Zapier, including Shopify, Gravity Forms, ClickFunnels, Stripe and Ghost. When connecting apps, you can choose from a library of ready-made integrations with pre-defined automated workflows. 

These workflows consist of a trigger and an action. And this connection between the two apps is known as a Zap. 

Here are your current Zaps and some of the most popular Zaps with our users:

You can also connect EmailOctopus with any other app listed in Zapier by creating a custom Zap. If you can find your desired web service in the Zapier directory, you can connect it with EmailOctopus. 

Zapier is priced according to the number of Zaps you need and the number of times each Zap will run each month. For more information, view Zapier’s pricing page.

Getting started with Zapier

  1. Create a Zapier account
  2. Go to the EmailOctopus app page in Zapier
  3. Find the app you want to connect with EmailOctopus
  4. Choose the trigger and the action from the menu
  5. Enter your account details for each app
  6. Complete your Zap

When mapping fields to set up an action, you might not see the custom fields right away. Try refreshing the page to view all the available fields. 

Watch a video on how to integrate using Zapier

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