How does the referral program work

If you are happy with our service and would like to recommend us to people you know you can use our referral program.

Your unique referral link can be found by clicking on the drop-down in the top right corner of your dashboard and selecting "Your rewards". It's also available under the heart icon in the top right corner.

Every time you refer an EmailOctopus customer via your unique link, you'll get credit towards your next invoice ($15, €15, £10, A$20 or CA$20 per customer, according to your account's currency). If you're currently on a free account, you can collect the credits and use them when you decide to upgrade. 

Your friends also benefit from it - every new paying member you refer gets $15, €15, £10, A$20 or CA$20 off their first month's subscription.

There’s no limit on the number of new users you can refer to EmailOctopus – if your account is set to USD and you refer two users in the same month, $30 will be credited to your account, and so on. These funds can accumulate and you will be able to use them towards future invoices if your current plan costs less than your credit.

"Powered by EmailOctopus" link

If you use our Starter plan, you need to include the "Powered by EmailOctopus" link in the footer of your campaigns and within EmailOctopus forms. This is your unique referral link. Each time a subscriber clicks it and, within that visit, decides to use our paid services, you receive the credit

Generally, this button is included in all our campaign templates, but here is a guide on how you can include it if you removed it previously or if you're creating your message from scratch.

In paid accounts, you can remove this link, but if you decide to keep it, it'll continue working as a referral URL.

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