How to insert an email or phone link into your campaigns

There are many situations in which you may want to receive replies to your campaigns from subscribers – you might want to ask them for an opinion about your product, give them an option to schedule an appointment, or receive their answer in an online contest. You can make it easier by giving them a quick link to send you an email or call your phone number.

"mailto:" link

Your recipients can always reply to your emails within their inbox, and you'll receive the reply to your sender email address, but you can also include a dedicated email link in your campaigns.

When people click on it, their default email client will open a window to send a new email to a selected address. This solution creates a fast and convenient way to reach you. It also allows you to provide a different email address than the one you used for sending. Here's how it looks in practice:

To create such a link, hyperlink the phrase mailto:xxx (where xxx is the receiving email address, for example, to a text, button or image within your campaign as if it was a regular URL address.

You can learn how to hyperlink text and buttons in our drag and drop editor tutorial. If you'd like to hyperlink an image, follow these instructions.

"tel:" link

You can also add a link to allow your recipients to quickly call a phone number of your choice. To do so, hyperlink "tel:xxx", where xxx is the number you'd like them to call. You must add the country prefix to make sure that they'll reach the right number.

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