How to use FeedLetter with EmailOctopus

It's possible to use your campaigns to collect feedback from your contacts using surveys created in – they offer various paid plans and a free plan too. You can create surveys in FeedLetter, add their code into your EmailOctopus campaigns, and then monitor the results directly within your FeedLetter account.

How to use FeedLetter with EmailOctopus

1. Sign in to FeedLetter and click on the "Create Newsletter Survey" button.

2. Fill in Form Name and Your Name, and then scroll down to create the survey.

3. Once you've completed the survey, click on the "Create" button.

4. Copy the HTML code of one of your survey variants.

5. Paste that code into a code block within your campaign using the editor (you can find details on how to do that here).

6. Analyse the results of the Survey in your FeedLetter account, under the "My Feedback Forms" tab.

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