Integrating Polite Pop with EmailOctopus

Polite Pop allows you to create sign up forms that monitor when a user is most engaged on your page and slide in based on their activity. The pop-up is unobtrusive and asks the user before showing them the subscription forms. 

Integrating Polite Pop with EmailOctopus

1. Go to the "Landing pages & forms" tab in your EmailOctopus dashboard.

2. Create a new "Inline" form and choose whichever template you like.

3. Open the "Settings" tab on the left side of the editor and uncheck the "Include a hidden Google reCAPTCHA and protect against bots" option.

4. Save your form and click the "Add to your website button". 

5. Copy only the URL from inside the form's code. It will look like this "".

6. Go to your Polite Pop configurator and paste the URL into the "Form action" field.

7. You can now copy your Polite Pop’s code from your configurator page, add it to your website, and your subscribers will be automatically added to your EmailOctopus list.

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