How to edit the double opt-in settings

EmailOctopus offers single opt-in on your lists by default. You can, however, enable double opt-in on a per-list basis. 

Contacts who subscribe to a list with double opt-in enabled will receive an extra confirmation email in order to verify their email address.

How the double opt-in process works

The double opt-in process is made up of two simple steps. In step 1, a contact will fill out and submit your online sign-up form and will be added to 'Pending' contacts in your list. In the 2nd step, they'll receive a confirmation email where they need to click a link to verify their email, at which point their email will be added to your list in a 'Subscribed' status.

The Double opt-in emails are only sent to users added via the API and our hosted/embedded forms. Users added via the Dashboard (either manually or via import) will not receive an email. You must already have permission before adding contacts via the Dashboard.

Re-sending a double opt-in email

EmailOctopus does not allow you to email users who have not confirmed their subscription. If a user contacts you to question where their email is, you can manually change their status from Pending to Subscribed.

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