Why do you need my mailing address?

International email marketing and privacy regulations require that your emails contain a mailing address. This should be your business address or anywhere you can receive mail.

Under various email marketing and privacy regulations, such as the CAN-SPAM Act, your emails are required to contain a mailing address. You should use your business address, but if you work from home you may choose to use a PO Box or a mail forwarding service such as UKPostBox. Anywhere where you can receive mail is fine.

Once you've set your mailing address in EmailOctopus, you can output it using the {{SenderInfo}} merge tag at the bottom of your campaigns and templates, saving you the need to write out your address every time. If you'd like the address to appear on a single line, use {{SenderInfoLine}}.

To edit your physical address, head to the sender info screen in your account.

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