How to insert your sender info

You are required to add your physical address to your emails, in order to comply with anti-spam laws. To add the physical address, you will need to use the {{SenderInfo}} merge tag.

Please make sure not to edit the {{SenderInfo}} merge tag by, for example, replacing the SenderInfo with your own postal address. Once the email is sent, the SenderInfo will be automatically replaced with the postal address you provided here.

In the Drag and drop editor, you can quickly add this by typing out the {{SenderInfo}} merge tag in the footer of your campaign or by selecting it from the merge tags drop-down in our editor toolbar.

To display the toolbar, click the space bar on your keyboard and highlight the empty space. It'll be replaced with the merge tag once you've selected it from the drop-down menu.

You can also add it manually, by typing {{SenderInfo}} in the footer of your email. Keep in mind that all the merge tags are case-sensitive, so make sure that you type it exactly like this: with a capital S and capital I and without any spaces – otherwise you'll see a syntax issue.

To add the {{SenderInfo}} merge tag within our Code your own editor, type out the {{SenderInfo}} merge tag in the footer of your email in the coding section:

To add the {{SenderInfo}} merge tag within the Legacy editor, click on the merge tags icon in the campaign toolbar and select it from the drop-down:

You can also use {{SenderInfoLine}}, which will place your sender information in one line.

To edit your physical address, head to the sender info screen in your account.

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