Integrating Poptin with EmailOctopus

You can integrate your EmailOctopus account with Poptin for advanced popup opt-in forms, exit intent forms and welcome mats. Here's how to connect the two platforms.

Poptin provides you with email capture popups and welcome mats. The platform offers a simple drag-drop interface which allows you to create high converting popups without writing a line of code.

Integrating Poptin with EmailOctopus:

1. Sign up to Poptin and install the Poptin widget on your website. This can be done using the Poptin WordPress plugin or by copying and pasting a Javascript snippet if you are on an alternate platform.

2. Create your Poptin widget:

3. Scroll down to "Email and integrations" on the left-hand side menu. This is where you will integrate your Poptin form with EmailOctopus.

4. Click  "Add integration" and select the EmailOctopus icon:

5. You will then be asked to enter your API Key and List ID:

6. Sign in to your EmailOctopus dashboard and follow this link to the API screen. If you haven’t created an API key yet, click "Create a key"

Now you will see your API key displayed and a "Copy to Clipboard" button below. Click this button to copy your key and paste it back in Poptin in the "API Key" section.

7. For List ID, navigate to the "Lists" tab in your EmailOctopus dashboard, select the list you want to connect and go to "Settings". Copy the list ID and paste it back in Poptin in the "List ID" section.

8. You have now integrated your Poptin with EmailOctopus. All subscribers who fill out your Poptin will be added to your chosen EmailOctopus list, so go ahead and publish it.

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