How to create a list

A list is a collection of email addresses that have opted in to receiving your emails. This may include, for example, your customers or any contact who has subscribed to receive your content.

To create your list, start from the Dashboard and go to Lists section. There you can click the "Create list" button to start setting up your list.

If this is your first list, you will also see the button to create it directly on the Dashboard. This is important because without any list you won't be able to start creating your campaigns.

Name your list in such a way that you can easily identify which subscribers are on it (for example old customers, new customers, etc.)

Remember that your list does not have to be very detailed, you can easily use segmentation later. You can read more about segmentation here.

Within the list set up screen, you have two options for adding contacts: adding a single contact manually or importing a file. You can use them there or add your contacts later. 

In case you are just starting your adventure with EmailOctopus and do not have contacts or have not imported them yet, but would like to start designing your campaign, you can add your own email address to your list as a subscriber.

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