Ways of adding contacts to a list

There are a number of ways to add contacts to an EmailOctopus list:


You can use our import feature to transfer your list of contacts. If you are switching over from another platform, you are can export your contacts from there, and import it into your EmailOctopus account. Make sure that the file you are importing is in  CSV format. You have the option to create custom fields and assign the correct columns to match fields during this import process.


This option allows you to enter the contacts one at a time and input their information manually.


There are a number of options to create sign-up forms:

The simplest way to create a form in EmailOctopus. Drag across your fields, change your button colour and we'll host it for you. It's like a simple landing page.

These are forms that you host on your own website, they offer the most flexibility if you're comfortable with HTML.

We have a WordPress plugin which can be found here.

Third-party form integration

We support a number of integrations with form providers that allow you to create your own forms and transfer the contacts over to EmailOctopus. You can learn how to do this here.

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