Integrating Digioh with EmailOctopus

Digioh is a tool to help you build email capture forms, pop-ups, surveys, preference centres and landing pages which you can easily integrate with EmailOctopus. 

Integrating Digioh with EmailOctopus

  1. Within your Digioh dashboard, go to the Integrations page and choose "Create a New Integration".
  2. Select EmailOctopus from the Integrations dropdown. Name your integration, add List ID and the API key for your EmailOctopus account. Click "Create Integration".

To find the API key, visit the API documentation page when signed in to your EmailOctopus account.

You can find your List ID within the Settings tab.

3. After creating your integration, use the "Map Fields" option to map additional fields beyond email address and name.

4. When your integration is created, come back to the "Boxes" tab so that you can apply it to your box. 

Alternatively, you can also apply your integration from the " Integrations" section of the editor.

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