Integrating ProductDyno with EmailOctopus

ProductDyno is a membership platform allowing you to sell and securely deliver any digital product or content. With features such as members management, built-in licensing and multiple-layered content security, ProductDyno helps you protect your products while growing your business.

To be able to automatically send your new contacts to EmailOctopus, you'll need to set up an integration within your ProductDyno account.

Integrating ProductDyno with EmailOctopus

  1. Go to the "Global Integrations" section and click on "Marketing Emails".

  2. Click on "Add Marketing Email Integration".

  3. Choose EmailOctopus from the list.

  4. Add a Nickname for this integration (for your reference) and your API key. To find it, visit the API documentation page when signed in to your EmailOctopus account. Click "Save".

  5. Go to the "Products" or "Collections" tab – you can integrate both. For the purpose of this guide, we'll integrate a product.

  6. Pick a product you wish to integrate and click "Manage".

  7. Click "Integrations".

  8. While in the "Marketing Emails" tab, click on "Select Service".

  9. Pick the EmailOctopus integration you've just set up.

  10. Pick the EmailOctopus list you wish to integrate.

  11. That's it! You've successfully integrated ProductDyno to EmailOctopus.
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