Integrating BookFunnel with EmailOctopus

BookFunnel can help you deliver your reader magnet, send out advanced copies of your book, hand out ebooks at a conference, or fulfil your digital sales to readers.

Direct integration with EmailOctopus means that when BookFunnel collects a subscriber's email address on your behalf, that email can get added to your EmailOctopus mailing list automatically.

Integrating BookFunnel with EmailOctopus

1. From the main BookFunnel dashboard, go to "Integrations" > "Actions" > "+ Add Integration".

2. Choose EmailOctopus as your Integration Platform, paste your EmailOctopus API key and click on the "Integrate EmailOctopus" button. You can find your API key here while signed in. 

3. Now you should see EmailOctopus and your mailing lists under the "Integrations" tab. Next, choose which landing pages from BookFunnel should add subscribers to your EmailOctopus lists. To start, click on the cog icon of a selected landing page and choose "Edit Page Details" (if you don't have a landing page in BookFunnel yet, this guide explains how to create one). 

4. Choose one of your EmailOctopus lists under the "Integration List" field. Under the "Signup Options", you can choose whether you'd like to ask the subscriber for first and last names and if you want to confirm their email address (Double opt-in). Click the "Save and Close" button to finish the process and repeat it for all applicable landing pages.

5. Added landing pages should now be visible under EmailOctopus in the "Integrations" section of your account. You've successfully integrated BookFunnel with EmailOctopus.

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