Integrating Payhip with EmailOctopus

With Payhip, you can easily sell various digital products and memberships using PayPal and card payments. Payhip integration with EmailOctopus allows you to automatically add your customers to your mailing lists.

Integrating Payhip with EmailOctopus

1. From the main dashboard, go to "Marketing" > "Mailing Lists" > "Setup Mailing Lists". 

2. Choose EmailOctopus as your Email Service Provider, paste your API key below, and click on the "Save Details" button. To find the API key, visit the API documentation page when signed in to your EmailOctopus account.

3. Your EmailOctopus account should be connected. You can now edit your products to automatically add buyers to a selected mailing list in EmailOctopus. To do so, go to the "Products" tab from the top bar, and click the "Edit" button for a selected product.

4. Scroll down to the bottom of the product settings page and check the box to "Automatically subscribe customers to mailing list," choose your target list in EmailOctopus and click on the "Save Changes" button. Repeat this process for other applicable products.

Your customers will now automatically become your EmailOctopus subscribers when they buy your products.

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