Integrating Pabbly with EmailOctopus

Pabbly is a complete business management bundle that offers many powerful features – from subscription management to payment billing and marketing automation.

You can use Pabbly Connect to integrate your EmailOctopus account and create workflows that perform various actions based on triggers from Pabbly and many other connected platforms.

Integrating Pabbly with EmailOctopus

1. Sign in to your Pabbly account and go to the "Connect" app.

2. If you've never used Pabbly Connect before, you will see instructions on how to create the first workflow. If you've already got some workflows, you can use the button in the upper right corner to create a new one.

3. Choose a trigger that should result in an action in EmailOctopus. If you choose an external service, you will be prompted to connect it accordingly to provided instructions.

4. Once you've completed your trigger setup, click the "Save" button and move down to the "Action" section. You can quickly find EmailOctopus by typing it in the search bar.

5. Once you've chosen the desired action and clicked the "Connect" button, you will be prompted to connect your EmailOctopus account. You will need your API key for that – you can copy it from our API documentation (you must be signed in to see your API key).

6. When you've completed your action, you can either save it, or save it and send a test request to see the example result. This is how it might look:

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