Integrating bCast with EmailOctopus

bCast lets you host, share and market your podcast to turn your listeners into business leads. With features such as transcription, audio inserts and auto opt-in, bCast is a great tool for creators who want to get the most out of their podcasts.

Integrating bCast with EmailOctopus

  1. Click on your account in the top right corner, and pick "Integrations".

  2. Click "Add an integration".

  3. Find EmailOctopus and click "Add".

  4. Insert your EmailOctopus API Key. You'll find it on the API documentation page when signed in to your EmailOctopus account.

  5. Go to the "Engagement" tab and click on "Email Lists".

  6. Click "Add an email list".

  7. Choose the name of your list and write its description. Then Pick EmailOctopus in the "Email service integration" and choose the list you wish to integrate.

    Finally, type a subscription address: this is the email address people will use to join your list. They'll get automatically added to your list once they've sent an empty email to that address.

  8. That's all – you've successfully integrated bCast with EmailOctopus.

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