Integrating Getsitecontrol with EmailOctopus

Getsitecontrol helps you optimise your website using targeted widgets. With Getsitecontrol, you can create advanced sign-up forms to collect new subscribers for your mailing lists. Other features include widgets to promote news and deals, upsell and cross-sell, conduct surveys and collect customer feedback.

Integrating Getsitecontrol with EmailOctopus

  1. Once you've created a widget you want to display on your site, go to the "Widgets" tab and click "Edit".
  2. Within your widget editor, go to the "Integrations" tab.

  3. Click "Add application".

  4. Scroll down to find EmailOctopus.

  5. Insert your EmailOctopus API Key. You'll find it on the API documentation page when signed in to your EmailOctopus account.

  6. Pick the list you want your new contacts to be added to, and click "Map widget fields".

  7. Assign every form field to the appropriate field on your EmailOctopus list. Click "OK" and save your widget.

  8. That's it! Your Getsitecontrol widget is now integrated with your EmailOctopus list.
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