Why is Gmail clipping my email?

Gmail has a limitation for the size of emails in the inbox – if they are larger than 102KB, they get clipped. In such a case, there will be a link to view the entire message within the web browser at the bottom of the email. 

Usually, clipping happens when your campaign is very long, as the more HTML code your campaign has, the larger the email size. If that might be the case, try editing your campaign to remove some content and test again.

If you want to know your campaign's exact size, you can download it as an EML file from your inbox. The size of such a file would be the size of your campaign.

If your email length is normal and it still gets clipped in Gmail, it may contain some invisible HTML code that increases its size. That can happen when you copy and paste the content into the editor from external sources – for example, Word, PDFs or other emails. To prevent this, try pasting the content into a plain text editor first such as Notepad, and then copy it from there before pasting it into your campaign draft.

Some browser plugins can inject additional code into the campaign without any direct action on your part. If you still experience email clipping, try disabling them and recreate your campaign. If it didn't get clipped, it would mean that one of your plugins was adding some extra code. You can contact us about it too, and we can check which plugin was causing this for you.

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