I can't send a campaign because its HTML is over 0.5MB

If you see an error "The HTML of your email is over 0.5MB" it means that the HTML code of your campaign is over 0.5MB in size, and it can't be sent out.

Why do I see this error?

This can happen if your campaign has a lot of content. You will have to modify it to make it smaller.

However, it is also possible that your web browser might use some extensions (e.g. ProWritingAid, Evernote, Grammarly) which are involuntarily inserting extra code into the campaigns. It can go over 0.5MB because of that code. To prevent this from happening, we recommend switching the plugins off, using a different browser, or a private window - this will stop the extensions from adding the code while you edit your templates.

How can I fix this?

Code your own editor: you can access the HTML code directly and fix it there.

Drag and drop editor: please remove some of your campaign content if it has a lot of text and images. If you use custom code blocks, please make sure that their code is not too large.

If you suspect that you see this error because of your browser extensions, please disable the plugins and contact us. We can help you get rid of the extra code.

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