How to export a segment

Our export feature allows you to easily export a whole segment or a portion of contacts within your segment.

To export a whole segment, go to your list and choose the segment you want to export:

After you've chosen the segment, click on "Actions" on the left and select "Export:"

When exporting, you can choose whether to export the visible fields (the fields showing in the table) or all fields. If you'd like to adjust the visible columns in your table, before exporting, you can do so using the "Table fields" button at the bottom of your list screen.

To export all the columns select "All" in the export pop-up window. If you're unsure which data you hold against a customer, we show you the columns to be included in the export:

Once you're happy with the data being exported, click on the "Export" button within the pop-up to save the exported file on your device.

The file will be exported in a ZIP format. Depending on your device, to open it, you might need to double-click the file (on Apple desktop devices) or press and hold (or right-click) the folder, then select Extract All (on Windows desktop devices).

If you only wish to export a single or select number of contacts, you can export a portion of your segment by using the checkboxes to select the contacts you wish to export:

Once they're selected, you can proceed with the export in the same manner as explained above.

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