How to segment contacts based on their engagement

Segmentation based on engagement means that you can easily send to contacts who, for example, opened your campaign.

Since Apple iOS 15 update, the tracking pixel in the Apple Mail app is being automatically pre-fetched. So, in many cases, the  open rate might not be the most reliable metric. You can learn more about it here.

To create such a segment, go to your list and choose the Segments tab, then click on Create a segment.

Now it's time to choose what kind of contacts you'd like to segment. Choose Campaign Activity and select one of the available operators.

The next step is to decide what time frame you are interested in.

You can choose:

  • Any of the last 5 campaigns
  • All of the last 5 campaigns
  • Any campaign within the last 7 days
  • Any campaign within the last 30 days
  • Any campaign within the last 90 days
  • Or any particular campaign you're interested to check

Don't forget to save your segment after choosing conditions.

If you're using the didn't open or didn't click condition, keep in mind it may also display contacts in this list who weren't sent the campaign (if, for example, you sent this campaign only to segment and not a whole list).

If you'd like to exclude those who haven't received it, add an additional filter of was sent.

How to access your segment

You can access your saved segments during a campaign set up. Select a list and choose which segment you're interested in.

You can also create a one-off temporary segment when setting up a campaign.

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