How to export and read a report

Once you've sent your campaign, we'll generate a report that you can view within your Dashboard under the Reports tab.

If you'd like to analyse more specific details of your report, you can export each activity report – to do it, click on "Activity".

Then pick the report you'd like to view (for example, "Opened") and click "Export".

The exported file will contain the following columns:

Identifier: this is a contact's unique ID number.

Subscribed: "yes" in this column indicates that this contact is still subscribed to your list by the time of export. "No" means that the contact has unsubscribed after having interacted with your campaign.

Deleted: "no" in this column indicates that the contact is currently on your list (whether it's subscribed or unsubscribed). "Yes" in this column means that the contact has been deleted after interaction with your campaign. All the fields (such as email address, first name and any other custom fields) for deleted contacts are blank, but you'll still have access to their activity report.

Time: the value indicated in this column expresses the timestamp of the first interaction with your campaign. In this case, as it's an "opened" report, it shows the date and time when each contact first opened your campaign.

Count: each number in this column indicates how many times a contact has interacted with your campaign. Since this is an "opened" report, it shows the total number of times a contact opened your campaign. 

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