Using tags

Tags are labels you can use to keep your contacts organised and target them with personalised content. They’re fully customisable, and you can create up to 50 tags per list on Pro plans and 10 tags per list on the Starter plan

For example, you might want to add a “customer” tag to subscribers who have purchased an item to target them with appropriate campaigns. Or tag all the subscribers from London with a “London” tag, to send them campaigns about local events your brand organises.

You can also add multiple tags to one subscriber and use this information to create hyper-refined segments and target them with content tailored specifically to their interests.

How to add tags

You can assign a tag to a specific subscriber by accessing that contact within your list and adding a tag to their profile. One tag can have a maximum of 100 characters.

If you’d like to add a tag to multiple contacts, you can do it by updating your list through an import – just import your list and simply select Import comma-separated tags from the drop-down menu in the column that includes your tags. You can add multiple tags at once as long as they are separated by commas. Make sure to select “update the contact” on the first screen of the import process to apply the changes to your existing contacts.

If you have already created 10 tags in your list on a free plan or 50 on a paid plan, you won't be able to import new tags. Contacts will get added/updated, but new tags will be ignored.

How to display tagged contacts

You can view all the contacts with specific tags within your list’s Contacts tab. To do it, click on the “Tags” drop-down box just above the contacts list and click on the desired tag.

How to view all the tags

You can find all your tags under the Tags tab within your list. Tags are associated with a specific list which means you'll be able to see only the tags that have been created in this list. 

Click on "Create a tag" to add a new tag.

In the Tags tab, you can also view, edit and delete your existing tags, as well as view tagged contacts.

How to segment contacts based on tags

You can create a segment based on tags, including or excluding any specific tags.

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