How to send a campaign to tagged contacts

It’s possible to send a campaign to your subscribers with (or without) a specific tag. To do this, create a campaign, choose the list with contacts you want to send it to, and click on the option to send it to a new segment. It will allow you to create a one-off segment to send to.

Then, click on the first field of your condition and scroll down to find the “Tags” option. Next, choose whether you want to send it to people who have or don’t have a specific tag, and finally, choose the tag itself. That's it – your campaign will go out to people filtered out based on the tag you chose.

If you'd like to create a segment you can re-use in the future, you can set it up within the Segment section in your list. 

You can also add multiple conditions to your segment – a tag can be one of those.

If you schedule your campaign to be sent later, we will check who has the appropriate tag right before the send.
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