Help! I'm being asked for a verification code

To ensure your account and all its data remain secure we send out verification codes when we notice something unusual about your sign-in. We call these two-factor verification codes, and they help us confirm that it's genuinely you signing in.

These codes are sent out from a email address with the subject "EmailOctopus verification code". You can reduce the number of challenges you receive by using the same device and network when signing in to EmailOctopus. Enabling two-factor authentication will also stop you from receiving email challenges.

If you've not received your code, follow these steps

  • Double-check that you didn't receive the email by searching the subject "EmailOctopus verification code", it will also be worth checking your spam and junk folders.
  • Sometimes messages are delayed because email client or email service provider is scanning messages before delivering them to you. Please add "" to your address safe senders/trusted emails list.
  • If your email is a corporate one, reach out to your domain administrator to ensure our emails aren't being blocked.

My code isn't working

Each time you sign in to EmailOctopus from an untrusted device, a new two-factor code is generated. It is, therefore, possible that you had requested more than one code in a short amount of time and by the time you entered the code, a new one was generated, and the old one became invalid.
Please make sure not to close the sign in screen before entering the two-factor code. If you close the sign in window, you will have to sign in again to input the two-factor code; this will then generate a new code, rendering the previous one invalid. We recommend minimising the browser or switching tabs and copying the code from email.

I'm being asked for a six-digit code generated by my authentication app

This means you have set up two-factor authentication with an authentication app. You'll need to open your authentication app, select EmailOctopus and type the six-digit code displayed on your screen.

If you use an Apple device and you've set up two-factor authentication with the built-in iOS feature, you'll need to go to your device's Settings and select Passwords. Find EmailOctopus (or however you named it when you set up the 2FA), then tap Copy Verification Code. Return to the EmailOctopus sign-in screen, then paste the verification code into the field.

If you have followed the above steps and the code is still not being received and you cannot log in, try logging in from the last place you signed in from or contact us.
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