How to sort and search for campaigns

With our new campaigns screen, you can sort your campaigns based on their name, date, click/open rates or the number of contacts it was sent to. You can also filter them based on their status and search for a particular campaign based on its name.

To start, click on the Campaigns tab within your account.


You can filter your campaigns based on their status to display all of the campaigns within your account or only the sent ones, scheduled ones or drafts. To do it, select an appropriate status:

Below the Status section, you'll also see the Date option. Here, you can set a specific timeframe or pick a particular day the campaigns were created, scheduled for and/or sent. Click on the drop-down to view the calendar and pick your desired timeframe or day.


You can sort your campaigns by name, date, click/open rates or the number of contacts the campaign was sent to. Just click on the button in the Sort by section and choose the appropriate option. You can also click the arrow icon to choose the ascending or descending order.

All campaigns are sorted by the Date data by default.


You can search for a specific campaign by typing the campaign name or subject line in the search bar. You can also adjust the results' order by using the sorting options. The matching campaigns will be displayed automatically below.

If you'd like to refine your search even further, you can specify whether you want to search for campaign name, subject line, or any combination of the two. To do it, type name: and subject: before the term you're looking for. Here are a few examples of searches you can run:

octopus – subject contains octopus OR name contains octopus

name:email – name contains email

subject:octopus – subject contains octopus

name:email subject:octopus – name contains email AND subject contains octopus

name:"email octopus" – name contains email octopus

name:email subject:octopus 2023 – name contains email AND subject contains octopus AND (name contains 2023 OR subject contains 2023)

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