Creating a simple template

If you'd like to send simple, text-based emails, you can use the Plain template made with our Drag and drop editor. This template has been thoroughly tested across different email clients and devices, so it will give you the best results in all mailboxes. And since it's made using our Drag and drop editor, you don't need any coding skills to create it!

Make sure you don't confuse the Plain template with the Plain – Legacy editor template. The latter uses our legacy HTML editor and is only recommended for advanced users who are comfortable using code.

To start, go to the Templates tab and click on Create. Then, navigate to Start from scratch and select Plain.

Continue writing the content of your email by clicking on the existing text, deleting it and replacing it. Or, you can drag more content blocks from the left-hand side panel.

You can change the default background and font settings in the Settings tab. Those will apply to the content of all the text blocks you drag onto your template.

You can also edit specific content by highlighting it and selecting the option from the toolbar.

The toolbar will appear anytime you highlight some text. You can use it to add links and insert merge tags and emojis.

You can also edit the footer (the section at the bottom of your design), but make sure you don't delete any of the required merge tags, as you won't be able to send a template that doesn't include them.

The required merge tags are {{UnsubscribeURL}} (used as a hyperlink), {{SenderInfo}} and, for our Starter plan users, {{RewardsURL}} (used as a hyperlink).

If you accidentally delete one of the merge tags, you can re-add it using the merge tag dropdown in the toolbar.

Feel free to change your design's width and alignment to achieve a specific look. You'll find those in the Settings tab.

Once you're happy with your design, you can preview it by clicking on the Preview and test tab. Switch between desktop and mobile views to see how it will display on different devices. Finally, click on Send as a test to preview it in your own mailbox.

Once you're done, click Save and the template will be saved in the Templates tab. You'll be able to use it in your campaigns and automated emails – more about it here: Sending a campaign using a template you created.

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