Integrating with WordPress

EmailOctopus has an official WordPress plugin. Use this to add a customisable form widget to your site, which allows your visitors to subscribe to a list.

Steps to install this plugin:

1. Go to Plugins > Add New, look up EmailOctopus and click “Install Now”.

2. Activate the Plugin.

3. Click on the plugin tab on the left-hand menu and choose “API Key”.

4. Paste your API key here. You can find your API key within our API docs.5. Click on the “Forms” within the EmailOctopus plugin tab, and “Add new”.

6. Pick the list you want your form to be integrated with, design your form and click “Save”.

7. Copy the form’s shortcode.

8. Go to the page you’d like your form to be embedded on, click on the plus icon to add a new element and pick “Shortcode”.

9. Paste your form’s shortcode and click “Update” in the top right corner.

10. That’s it, your form is displayed on your page!

You may also choose to use our embedded forms or a third-party integration to add EmailOctopus to your WordPress site. Please view our full list of integrations to find out which platforms this is possible with.

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