Hosted forms

Hosted forms allow you to create a sign up form which is hosted by EmailOctopus, you can then link to this form directly from your own website, emails or social media.

Hosted forms allow you to customise the colour, the title, the label on the button, and the message they receive once completing the form. 

You can create it by going to the Lists section, choosing your list, and selecting the Forms tab. 

You can use hosted forms to collect email addresses and additional data with any of the fields previously created. Just drag them across as required.

There is also the option to redirect them to a separate link upon completing this sign up instead of displaying a message. All the changes you make are displayed on the preview on the right.

Once you have saved the changes to your form, you will then be provided with a URL to a page where this hosted form can be found. You can add and share this link where you like, and people that click on the link will land on this sign up form, from which they can sign up to your list.


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