How do Amazon SES send quotas and max send rates work?

Every Amazon SES account has a sending quota and max send rate. In this support article, we answer common questions about these limits for EmailOctopus Connect users.

Every Amazon SES account has a quota limiting the number of emails that can be sent in a 24 hour period (sending quota), and a maximum speed at which they can be sent (max send rate). You can find these figures in your SES console.

Can the quota/rate be raised?

These limits exist to help protect your SES account and are set at sensible defaults for most customers, but can be increased if you require more.

When does my sending quota reset?

Your sending quota doesn't reset - it's calculated on a rolling basis. In other words, Amazon are always counting the number of emails sent in the last 24 hours, prior to the current moment.

Can I send a campaign if I don't have enough quota available?

To ensure your campaign delivers on time, we ask that you have enough quota available when you begin the send. If in the rare circumstance you exhaust your quota during the send process, we'll pause sending and will automatically resume once you have the capacity available.

Can EmailOctopus use less than 100% of my send capacity?

By default we use 100% of your send capacity and deliver your emails as quickly as possible. However if you have other applications using your SES account, you may wish for us to use less. You'll find this option in your user settings.

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