Production access, and how to request it

To help Amazon protect against fraud and abuse, they require you to answer a few questions before you can start sending emails. This is otherwise known as having production access.

To get production access, open an SES Sending Limits Increase case and fill out the form:

  • Mail type

Select Marketing.

  • Website URL

Provide a link to your website. This is not required, but including it greatly increases the likelihood of your request being accepted.

  • Describe how you will only send to recipients who have specifically requested your mail

Explain how you plan to manage your recipients' opt-in and opt-out preferences.

  • Describe the process that you will follow when you receive bounce and complaint notifications

If you are going to use EmailOctopus – those will be automatically removed from your account.

  • My email-sending complies with the AWS Service Terms and AWS Acceptable Use Policy (AUP)

Read both documents, and only select Yes if your emails comply.

  • Region

This defines where in the world your emails are sent from. We recommend selecting Europe (Ireland) for the best performance, but any value is fine. It's not related to your location.

  • Limit

Select Desired Daily Send Quota.

  • New limit value

Enter the maximum number of emails you plan to send in one day. Only request the amount you currently need as the greater this number, the more justification you'll need. This can always be increased in the future.

  • Use Case Description

Describe the types of emails you are sending and how this fits into your business. The more information you can provide here the better, as Amazon wish to confirm you're sending high-quality emails to recipients who want and expect it. 

Once submitted you should receive a response within 48 hours, but often sooner.

We recommend verifying an email address or domain before requesting production access from AWS. This article walks you through this.

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