Production access, and how to request it

Before you can start using your EmailOctopus Connect account to send campaigns via Amazon SES, you need to request production access.

To do it, request an increase of your sending quota on this page: Amazon Simple Email Service.

First, make sure that the region of your AWS account matches the one you chose in EmailOctopus. To change the region, click on its name in the upper right corner (highlighted by a purple box in the screenshot below). 

Then, tick the box next to “Sending quota” and click “Request quota increase”.

Then type the desired sending limit (you can start with 50,000) and click “Request”.

Once submitted you should receive a response within 48 hours, but often sooner. You can view your active cases in the Quota Request History tab.

We recommend verifying an email address or domain before requesting production access from AWS. This article walks you through this.

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