Verifying an email address or domain

Before sending from an email address, Amazon require you to confirm that you own it.

Verifying a single email address, i.e.

This is the simplest way of verifying an email address.

  1. Head to your verified email addresses and click Verify a New Email Address.
  2. Enter the email address you wish to verify (e.g. and click Verify This Email Address.
  3. Click the link in the email that Amazon send you.

Verifying a whole domain, i.e.

This takes slightly longer than verifying a single email address, but gives you more flexibility.

  1. Head to your verified domains and click Verify a New Domain.
  2. Enter the domain you wish to verify (e.g. and leave Generate DKIM Settings unchecked (you can set this up later). Click 'Verify This Domain'.
  3. Add a TXT record to your domain's DNS with the name '_amazonses', and the value provided in the popup. If you need further assistance with this then contact the company you purchased your domain from.
  4. Click 'Close', and wait a few minutes.

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