Exporting contacts from a list

To export your whole list of subscribed contacts: 

  1. Click on your list name.
  2. Select the contacts you want to export by ticking the checkboxes next to their email addresses. If you want to export your whole list, choose "select all" or skip to the next step.

  3. Click on "Actions," then select "Export":

  1. When exporting, you can choose whether to export the visible fields (the fields showing in the table) or all fields. If you'd like to adjust the visible columns in your table, before exporting, you can do so using the "Table fields" button at the bottom of your list screen.

To export all the columns, select "All" in the export pop-up window. If you're unsure which data you hold against a customer, we show you the columns to be included in the export:

  1. Once you've adjusted the data that will be exported, click on the "Export" button. You will be redirected to your "Export history" page, that you can access later. Your list will automatically download after it's ready. The export will download in ZIP format.

Depending on your device, to open the ZIP file, you might need to double-click the file (on Apple desktop devices) or press and hold (or right-click) the folder, then select Extract All (on Windows desktop devices).

If you wish to re-download the list, you can do so from here. The export will be available for download for 7 days after completing the export.

To export your whole list of unsubscribed contacts:

  1. Click on your list name.
  2. Change the Status of your contacts to "Unsubscribed" to view unsubscribed contacts:

  1. Proceed with the export process as explained above.

Custom exports based on filters

You can adjust filters and export only the contacts who meet certain criteria, such as Status, Segment, and Tags, or even search for specific contacts and export those.

Export the segment: we prepared a guide going through this process in detail here: How to export a segment.

Export contacts with a specific tag: select your chosen tag in "Tags," choose "select all", click on Actions and choose "Export":

Export contacts from a search: you can also search for specific contacts and export those. Here, all subscribed contacts with @hotmail.com email address will be shown and can be exported:

Export only selected contacts: if you only wish to export a single or select number of contacts, you can export a portion of your list by using the checkboxes to select the contacts you wish to export:

Export contacts with multiple filters: you can combine multiple filters to export your contacts. For example, you can export contacts in a given segment that also have a specific tag assigned:

Or even search for specific contacts who are also in a given segment and have a tag assigned. Here, unsubscribed contacts with @gmail.com address who are in the segment "Newsletter" and also have a tag "fish" assigned will be shown and can be exported:

Only account admins can export lists.
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