How to move contacts between lists

If you'd like to move your subscribers from List A to List B, you'd have to do that manually. First, export your subscribers from List A. You can export all your subscribed contacts at once or manually select the contacts you'd like to include in the export.

Once you click "Export", you'll see a pop-up with the number of contacts exported and a drop-down to select whether you'd like to export only the currently visible columns of your list or all of them.

The file will be exported in a ZIP format. Depending on your device, to open it, you might need to double-click the file (on Apple desktop devices) or press and hold (or right-click) the folder, then select Extract All (on Windows desktop devices).

Once your contacts are exported, you can re-import them into List B. 

Since our lists are treated independently, the contacts you've just exported will still continue to exist in List A and count towards your contact limit. 
Duplication of contacts may move your account to a higher tier and trigger an upgrade charge. To avoid this, you can either delete or unsubscribe those contacts from List A before you continue with re-importing them to List B.

To bulk unsubscribe from List A, go to "Add contacts", click on "Import contacts from a file", and then select Unsubscribed and Update existing contacts. Finally, click and select the list of contacts that you've just uploaded to List B and click on Next.  

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