What is a merge tag and how to use it?

Merge tag is a bit of code that allows you to insert dynamic data into your campaigns. There are some pre-made merge tags, such as {{FirstName}} for your subscriber's first name or {{SenderInfo}} for your business address. 

You can also use your custom fields as merge tags – just insert it as {{YourTag}} and replace "YourTag" with the Tag assigned to your custom field. In the example below, the field Pet Name can be used as a merge tag with {{PetName}}.

To use a merge tag, simply type it anywhere in the body of your email or use the merge tag button from the toolbar. To display the toolbar, click the space bar on your keyboard and highlight the empty space. It'll be replaced with the merge tag once you've selected it from the drop-down menu. 

 For example, to address your subscriber by their first name, use the {{FirstName}} tag: 

This will be replaced with a dynamic value once the campaign is sent to a subscriber.

For a full list of our merge tags and more advanced options, head to our customisation cheat sheet.

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