What is a merge tag and how to use it?

Merge tag is a bit of code that allows you to insert dynamic data into your campaigns. There are some pre-made merge tags, such as {{FirstName}} for your subscriber's first name or {{SenderInfo}} for your business address. 

You can also use your custom fields as merge tags – just insert it as {{YourTag}} and replace "YourTag" with the Tag assigned to your custom field. In the example below, the field Pet Name can be used as a merge tag with {{PetName}}.

To use a merge tag simply type it anywhere in the body of your email or use the merge tag button.

 For example, to address your subscriber by their first name use the {{FirstName}} tag: 

This will be replaced with a dynamic value once the campaign is sent to a subscriber.

For a full list of our merge tags and more advanced options, head to our customisation cheat sheet.

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