What is the difference between EmailOctopus and EmailOctopus Connect?

We have two email marketing products to choose from – EmailOctopus and EmailOctopus Connect. Here we explain the differences between the two solutions.

We have two email marketing products to choose from: EmailOctopus and EmailOctopus Connect. Here are the differences explained, so you can decide which is right for you.
EmailOctopus is our “main” product, which means it’s the first thing you’ll see promoted across our site. It’s incredibly easy to use, and we designed it for anyone with an audience – whether you’re new to email marketing or a seasoned pro. It takes seconds to set up an account and start sending campaigns directly through the platform.
EmailOctopus Connect requires a bit more technical know-how and is the “original” product we set up in 2015. EmailOctopus Connect integrates with Amazon Simple Email Service (SES), a cloud-based email service provided by Amazon Web Services (AWS). So your emails are actually being sent through Amazon, rather than EmailOctopus directly. This means you need an AWS account and you’ll need to be able to follow technical instructions on how to connect to it to our platform. EmailOctopus Connect is ideal for advanced users, or anyone looking for a SES-specific product.
Both versions provide great deliverability and are more affordable than any other email marketing platforms. EmailOctopus Connect costs a little less – although if you’re unsure about AWS, we’d recommend EmailOctopus. 
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