Using Make to integrate with other web services

Make (formerly Integromat) is an automation platform that connects thousands of different applications, without needing to write a single line of code. With the automation editor, you can set up integrations to push data into EmailOctopus from the sources you use most. This helps reduce manual tasks while speeding up processes. 

For example, you can push survey data from Google Survey into custom fields in your EmailOctopus mailing list. Or add new contacts to a list when a new customer makes a payment in Stripe. 

With Make's EmailOctopus integration you can choose from a list of actions to manage and update your subscribers, including:

  • Create a contact
  • Update a contact
  • Create a new list of contacts
  • Fetch details of a contact
  • Fetch campaign summary reports

The trigger that sets off these actions in EmailOctopus will vary depending on the app you’re connecting to. Triggers can either be instant or scheduled, depending on how quickly you need to receive the information. It's also possible to build more complex automations by bundling triggers and actions. 

Some of the most popular integrations include Google Sheets, Typeform, HubSpot, Stripe and Ghost. 

More information on how to set up an integration with Make can be found here.

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