Where can I find my Meta pixel ID

You can add your Facebook pixel to your sign-up form landing pages built in EmailOctopus. Here are instructions on how to locate your Facebook pixel via Business Manager.

You can add your Meta pixel (formerly Facebook pixel) in your landing page Settings. Once it's done, you can view the conversion data in the Meta pixel page in your Events Manager.

You can use an already existing pixel if you have one set up already or create a new Meta pixel by visiting your Business Manager Settings. If you haven't created your Business Manager account yet, you can do it by following this guide

Once you've selected your Business Manager account, click on the Data Sources dropdown and select Pixels

There, click Add, and you'll see a pop up to start creating your pixel. In there, you'll need to choose a name for your pixel and add your landing page URL. 

Press Continue and on the next screen select Continue Managing My Business.

Then, you'll see your pixel ID. Make sure to copy it and paste it in the Meta pixel ID box.

You'll find the Meta pixel ID box by accessing your landing page, then navigating to Settings, and scrolling down:

Once it's done, you can view the PageView performance of your page in your Events Manager.

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