Integrating WooCommerce with EmailOctopus

You can integrate WooCommerce to your EmailOctopus account via Zapier. For the direct link, click here.

Integrating WooCommerce with EmailOctopus

  1. Authenticate your WooCommerce account within Zapier. To do it, click on "Sign in to WooCommerce".

  2. Fill out your WooCommerce store's URL and WordPress login details.

  3. Choose the trigger event you'll use for this integration, for example, "New customer". In this case, whenever a new customer is created in your WooCommerce store, the action will be triggered via this Zap.

  4. Choose the event to be performed once the trigger occurs, for example, "Add/Update contact".

  5. Authenticate your EmailOctopus account by clicking on "Choose an account" (if you've created Zaps with EmailOctopus before) or "Connect a new account" (if it's your first Zap).

  6. Paste your EmailOctopus API key. You can find it here when you're signed in.

  7. Set up the Zap details: the list where the new contact will be added/updated, map the fields (email address and any custom fields such as name, last name etc.) and decide whether the contact should be resubscribed if previously unsubscribed.

  8. Click "Continue" to test your Zap – a contact from your WooCommerce store should be added to your EmailOctopus list. Make sure your Zap is switched on, and you're ready to go!

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