Integrating Salesforce with EmailOctopus

You can integrate Salesforce with your EmailOctopus account via Zapier. For a direct link, click here.

Integrating Salesforce with EmailOctopus

  1. On the main Zapier dashboard, click the button to create a new Zap, and choose Salesforce as a trigger. On the next page, choose the event type that will act as a trigger, and then click "Continue."

2. Connect the Salesforce account you'd like to use in this Zap, and click "Continue."

3. Choose the object that will be associated with the trigger. In this example, we want to trigger the integration when there is a new contact in Salesforce. Click "Continue" when you're ready.

4. In the next step, you can test your trigger. Click "Continue" when the test is complete.

5. Now, we're moving to action. Choose "EmailOctopus as your action app, and pick the event that you'd like to use. Click "Continue" when you're done here.

6. Connect your EmailOctopus account, and click "Continue".

7. Fill in the details of the action that will take place in EmailOctopus, and click "Continue".

8. Finally, you can test your Zap. If everything works, you can turn it on. That's it! You've connected Salesforce with EmailOctopus.

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