How to unsubscribe contacts in bulk

With EmailOctopus, your unsubscribed contacts are kept in your list, but no longer count towards the subscriber limit of your plan.

Contacts can unsubscribe from a mailing list on their own, using the unsubscribe link present in all campaigns sent using EmailOctopus. 

You can unsubscribe a contact manually, whenever you wish to change the status of just one subscriber. However, if you'd like to unsubscribe multiple contacts simultaneously (for example, inactive contacts that haven't opened your), there are two ways to go about it:

1. Unsubscribing via import

The process works the same way as a regular import for adding contacts – you can learn how to do it here. The important part is to set the imported contacts' status to "Unsubscribed".

You can't re-subscribe unsubscribed contacts via an import.

The second option on that page determines what will happen if the imported file contains contacts already present on that list. If you choose to "Skip the contact", only new subscribers within the imported file will become unsubscribed. If you select "Update the contact (takes longer)", existing contacts within the imported file will also become unsubscribed.

2. Unsubscribing using Actions

Go to your list and manually select contacts that you'd like to unsubscribe by clicking on the checkbox next to their email addresses. You can also select more contacts by clicking on the drop-down next to the "Email address" header: 

We show 50 contacts per page by default, but you can change that number using the dropdown below the Email address column.

Next, click on "Actions" and select "Mark as unsubscribed".

You'll see a pop-up window where you'd need to confirm you'd like to unsubscribe the selected contacts. Click on the ''I'm sure'' button to confirm this.

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