Importing contacts into a list

Before importing a CSV file to a list, make sure you've set up all the fields you need within your spreadsheet. Once done, then select ' Import contacts from a file' from the drop-down to the right of your list after clicking on Add Contacts.

Next screen will allow you to add your file to be imported into your EmailOctopus account. There, you can click and select a file to import or drag it into the framed area. Make sure that your file is in CSV format (TXT and DSV are also accepted). You have the option to select whether the contacts you are importing should be marked as subscribed or unsubscribed.

When importing data into a date field, use the YYYY-MM-DD format.

Your EmailOctopus account can store the email addresses along with custom data about your contacts. If you need to store additional information such as an address, you can create custom fields before starting the import or during, within the dropdown menu in the column where the field you wish to import is. Make sure to assign the right field to each column in order for your information to import correctly. Any columns that are not relevant can be tagged with ‘Ignore’ so that they do not interfere with the import.

Make sure to pick the correct field type (text, numerical, or date) for the kind of content you're importing into the custom field.

When an import is complete, this will now show up on the import history section of the list. You will also receive an email notification informing you when your import process is complete.

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