Creating or importing a template

With EmailOctopus you can either create a completely new email template for each campaign or import an existing template into the classic HTML editor.

You can either create a completely new template, adapt some of our curated templates, or even import an existing one.

Create a template

To create a new template, head to your templates screen and click Create.

Then, select the starting point you'd like to use as your base from the left-side menu.

We offer two kinds of editors: Drag & drop and Code your own. For most users, we recommend using our Drag & drop editor templates. They're simpler to use and ensure your email looks good across email clients.

You can use one of the following as a starting point:


Your designs – templates you have previously edited and saved

Basic/Branded – simple, text and image-based templates that include your branding (if you have set it up here)

Curated – responsive templates with more intricate designs

Start from scratch

Drag and drop – plain, text-based templates

Code your own – HTML editor to code your own templates

Past emails

Campaigns – previously sent campaigns

Once you're happy with your design, click Save. Your template will now be available in Your designs when creating a campaign or an automated email.

Import a template 

To import a template, you'll need its HTML code. Consult your email provider's documentation if you're having trouble obtaining this.

Once you have this, head to the create a template screen, select Code your own and click on the template to access the editor.

You cannot at this stage import templates made with our Drag & drop editor.

Paste or write your code on the left side of the screen (on the black background) and view its preview on the right side.

If you're copying the template from another service, merge tags from your previous platform won't work in EmailOctopus. Make sure to adapt your template to use with EmailOctopus by including our required merge tags and removing any existing ones.

Click Save in the top right. Your template will now be available when creating campaigns and automated emails.

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