How to clean your list from non-openers

If you want to maintain excellent deliverability and inbox placement, it’s essential to take care of your sender reputation through list cleaning and best sending practices. One such practice is making sure that you only send to people genuinely interested in your content.

Sending campaigns to people who never engage with them hurt your sender reputation. Over time, it can make it harder for you to deliver emails to the primary inbox. That’s why it’s a good idea to remove subscribers who don’t open your campaigns.

You can use our segmentation feature to locate these contacts. To do it, go to the “Lists” tab from the main dashboard and click on the list with contacts you want to remove. Then, go to the "Segments" tab and click the “Create a segment” button.

You can use the “Contact activity” category to find subscribers who qualify as inactive in your specific scenario. In the below example, we searched for people who didn’t engage with anything that we sent them and weren't added to the list in the last 30 days:

You can also use the “Campaign activity” category if, for example, you'd like to clean your list of subscribers who haven't opened a specific campaign.

It’s also worth adding the “was sent” condition to make sure that you won’t include contacts to whom you haven’t sent anything lately.

You can mix and match both of those categories to create specific segments of your inactive contacts.

Once you've created your segment, click on the purple “Save” button on the right side and click on the “Segments” tab again to go back to the list of your segments.

Then, click on the dropdown menu next to your segment and select "View contacts".

From here, click on the dropdown menu next to the email address to select all the contacts within that segment.

Once you've selected all the contacts, you can unsubscribe them by clicking on "Actions" and "Mark as unsubscribed".

Confirm by selecting "I'm sure", and that's it – you've just suppressed all inactive contacts.

Since Apple iOS 15 update, the tracking pixel in the Apple Mail app is being automatically pre-fetched. So, in many cases, the open rate might not be the most reliable metric. You can learn more about it  here.
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