How to create a slide-in form

EmailOctopus form editor allows you to create slide-in subscription forms. You can trigger them based on timing, scroll percentage of your website, exit intent, or a button click.

Creating a slide-in form

To create a slide-in form, go to the "Landing pages & forms" tab. Next, choose the "Forms" option and click on a button to create a form – this will open the form editor.

First, choose the connected list and the format of your form – in this case, a slide-in form. Next, click on the template, and start editing your form.

The form editor works the same way for all formats – you can read about it in detail here. Slide-in forms have some extra options related to their display mechanism. You can find them under the "Settings" tab within the left-hand column.

Slide-in forms display options 

Display options allow you to choose what triggers your slide-in form.

  • Exit intent: the form will display when visitors attempt to exit the page

  • Scroll percentage: the form will display when visitors scroll down through a selected portion of your page

  • Timing: the form will display after a specified amount of time

  • A link is clicked: The pop-up will display when a button is clicked

You can also choose whether your form will be displayed on the bottom-left or bottom-right side of your page:

And on which devices to display your form:

The last setting lets you choose how often your visitors should see the slide-in form. If you'd like the form to be displayed anytime someone visits your page, set it as "once every 0 days". 

To get the code for the link, Click on the "Add to your website" link in the upper right corner. The second code in the pop-up box is the one you can hyperlink to a button:

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